John Summers, Every Fury on Earth

John Summers, Every Fury on Earth
Davies Group, 2008

“Summers writes pieces that traverse multiple disciplines—history, sociology, literature—and bristle with elegant pugnacity. Whether he is blowing the dust off late-nineteenth-century sex scandals or slashing at the parlous state of adjunct labor in the academy, his sentences resound with the clatter and clank of fresh thought coming hard up against the intellectual armor protecting powerful institutions.”

“Summers shows a mastery of the drily ironic style that would stand any social critic in very good stead. It won’t endear him to university administrators. But he knows that. It will be fun to see him develop it.”
Times Higher Education

“Something of the maverick sociologist’s feeling for intellectual craftsmanship runs throughout Summers’ work. I don’t recall the last time I read anything so ardent about scholarship as a means to soul-making—or, for that matter, so angry at how academic life can distort that process. One of the remarkable things about Summers as a writer is that his frustration never runs to sarcasm—no small accomplishment.”
Inside Higher Ed

“Like C. Wright Mills, about whom he writes frequently, John H. Summers attacks power and hypocrisy. His essays are smart, edgy and angry. They harbor a new talent. May he flourish!”
—Russell Jacoby, UCLA

“To encounter a voice as grave, penetrating, and fearless as the one that emerges in this collection is genuinely exciting. Summers’s prose is full of sharp and original insights about contemporary American intellectual life; and even better, full of high promise.”
—George Scialabba

“Like his hero James Agee, historian John Summers is ‘the bloody enemy’ of all groups and movements, ‘no matter what their sincerity, honesty, or good intentions.’ This collection is a fine example of engaged historical inquiry and a spirited—indeed, vehement—intellectual provocation.”
—Casey Nelson Blake, Columbia University