No Future for You: Salvos from The Baffler

Edited by John Summers
MIT Press, 2014.

“Smart and sobering, eye-opening and irascible, hopeful but not optimistic, this collection offeres a clear-eyed perspective on post-recession America and pays readers the ultimate compliment of being able to think for themselves.”
Publishers Weekly

“It is tough talk for tough times—something The Baffler has long been known for. The collection serves as a powerful summation of the systemic challenges we face as a nation, and a welcome reminder that we need strong, dissenting voices like The Baffler more than ever.”
Boston Globe

The Baffler embodies, with its internationalist outlook, the most vital tradition of American dissent. In an age marked by avid intellectual logrolling, it has never seemed more imperative.”
—Pankaj Mishra

“Did our system ever work? Will it ever? The fact that it is not working right now is rendered sadder by our knowledge of the U.S. Constitution. If you want to feel sadder still, readThe Baffler.”
—William T. Vollmann

James Agee and Walker Evans, Cotton Tenants: Three Families

edited by John Summers
Melville House, 2013

Dwight Macdonald, Masscult and Midcult: Essays Against the American Grain

selected and edited by John Summers
New York Review Classics, 2011

The Politics of Truth:
Selected Writings of
C. Wright Mills

selected and introduced by John Summers
Oxford University Press, 2008

John Summers, 
Every Fury on Earth

Davies Group, 2008